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惟妙惟肖的花花草草世界似乎并不能满足拉花师的创意欲望。于是乎,著名艺术家梵高的《星夜》跃然咖啡之上。从此,咖啡拉花艺术也不再停留在咖啡棕色和奶白色的两色世界。更多的食物颜料成了这些“咖啡油画师”的专属颜料。除了世界绘画大师的名画,他们巧夺天工地一杯又一杯呈现出卡动人物和动物肖像、全球知名景点的风物,甚至是电影经典场景画面。这样的艺术品,甚至绝美到令人只顾欣赏玩味,不舍得轻易品味。 Creating flowers and grass on the cup doesn’t satisfy brilliant baristas anymore. Artistry now means they can put masterpieces like Van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’ onto a latte. Latte art, from that point is no longer the world of coffee brown and white milk. More food colours are applied in the latte art in recent years. Apart from the masterpieces in painting around the world, the talented baristas miraculously create vivid cartoon characters, global landmarks or even classic film scenes on their own. These breath-taking artworks are literally challenging your mind: are you truly willing to swallow them into mouth?

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