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当艺术仍旧在二维世界里徘徊不前时,艺术家们仿佛又不甘心了。他们开启了激萌奶泡3D立体拉花咖啡新艺术征程!这种三维的创作方式,不再在咖啡的表面勾画图案,而是通过大量堆积奶泡然后加以修饰的方式塑造各种3D的造型。一种呼之欲出的生动感油然而生。三维立体拉花大多数以师熊、猫咪、兔子、鸡等这些常见的小动物的形象为创作原型,以雪白的奶泡堆砌出和憨态可掬的形象。最后,再加上几处点睛之笔,便能瞬间萌化人心。 While traditional latte art remains graphic, cutting-edge artists are pioneering something new — 3D structures on the latte!

3D latte art is not merely creating patterns on the surface, but sculpting milk foam into all sorts of objects. Fluffy, vivid latte sculptures are thus born. 3D latte art is mostly based on animals — bears, kittens, bunnies and chicks. The snow-white milk foam is transformed into different cute animals. Baristas finally add a few golden touches — almost cute to be true.

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