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运动爱好者可以选择《最佳骑行线路精选》组合,按照线路穿越阿尔卑斯山区,沿湖畔骑行,费用含自行车租用、住宿及自行车托运; Sport lovers could choose routes from the Best Cycling Tours and follow the guide through the Alps. The fee includes the rent of bicycles, accommodation and bicycle checks. 瑞士60家自行车酒店经过质量验证,具备接待骑行者必备的软硬设施条件:如带锁车库、行程规划和修理服务等; There are 60 certified bicycle inns in Switzerland offering qualified facilities for riders. The service includes garages with locks, schedule planning and repair services, etc. 2018 年夏季特选日期内,通往阿尔卑斯山口的道路还会专门为骑行者预留; During certain periods in summer, 2018, the paths to Alps will be specially reserved for the cyclists. 更不要错过如环瑞士自行车赛和山地自行车世界冠军赛等重要活动。 Never miss the Tour de Suisse, UCI World Tour and other similar tournaments alike.

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