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When the field of commercial real estate is infused with a warmer concept, that of the home, then residences can genuinely embody the essence of humanism.

In the context of humanism, “home” and “circle” usually carry metaphorical meanings beyond the substance. French philosopher Bachelard Gaston said that, “home is our primitive universe,” while 20th century poet Joe Bousquet wrote that “life is a circle.”

IADC’s new project, Yintai Pinggu Sales Centre, gives us infinite space of thought. Located at the boundary of Pinggu New Town and the Old Town, the Centre is at the northeast corner of Beijing, 70 km from downtown and 90 km from Tianjin. Pinggu is a place rich in beautiful natural scenery, ancient architecture, and tourism sites. For example, Jinhai Lake, Mountain Resort, East Qing Mausoleum, the newly developed “Small Guilin”, Jingdong Canyon, Yaji Mountain, etc.

Such an amazing location inherits both the heritage of urban culture and natural environment, and the owners hope that the commercial space will showcase the spiritual essence of future quality life and narrow down the distance between human and an ideal living space.

In the 1000 m2 “home-like” sales area, the designer, Pan, for the first time adopted an artistic approach to represent the image of “circles”: the 7-metre vertical space is filled with gigantic LED light poles from the ceiling, taking almost twothirds of the whole height.

The slim, white beams are like light floating in the universe, a mysterious and surreal visual effect. With the help of 3D calibration, viewers are able to experience varying effects from different angles, while maintaining the overall impression of a circle.

The rhetoric of the space then gradually unfolds with the idea of a “floating universe”. Your expectations of a future home eventually focuses on the rectangular sandplate area right below the LED device. As you cast your eyes between geometric objects, the traditional image of “a square earth and spherical heavens” emerges.

To avoid over-vibrant colours from covering up the original features of the space, the designer uses simplified material combinations to build up the area: a wooden façade and marble ground have natural colours to create a comfortable and classic vision.

Simple things mean important ideas. Linear wood shows the diversity of combination – parallel, crossed, or some games of form, some labels of different functions, and under the light cast from above, the patterns leave varied textures of light and shadow.

As of this, designer Pan explained, “to highlight the distinct vertical space, I chose the simplest materials possible. While the two materials extend from the marble ground in a set ratio to the whole dimension of the area, and as the most basic unit, lines construct the centre of the space – the massive lighting device.” Coincidentally, the vertical lines on the façade echo with the Art Deco lines at the entrance in a way.

The same philosophy also works on the furniture placement. As a semi-transparent boundary, the partition divides the public and conference area but keeps the visual interactivity. Meanwhile, the flexible light-coloured decoration helps to create a relaxing conference environment.

The ideal commercial space is able to stop visitors’ steps and trigger their thinking on the aesthetics of life. In the delicate space, one forgets the occupants in his heart and start a poetic mental tour of living, life and art.

在人文主义的语境中,“家”和“圆”往往具有超越实体的隐喻含义,法国哲学家Bachelard Gaston就曾经这样说:“家是我们最初的宇宙。”20世纪的诗人Joe Bousquet也留下了诗句:“生活是圆的。”








对此,设计师潘及解释说“:为了凸显中央挑空空间的特质,我在材质的选择上做到尽可能的简洁,避免喧宾夺主,两种材质的线构按照一定的模数规律从地面的大理石开始延伸到整个空间的界面。作为最基本的单元,线又构建了整个空间的重心——大型灯光装置。”巧合的是,立面上竖向线条的编织也与建筑入口处Art Deco风格的线条建立了一丝关联。



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