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“金利克”可以被理解为无糖版本的“汤姆科林斯”。它的名字源于美国政治活动家Colonel Joe Rickey。在1883年炎热的夏季竞选活动上Joe构思出这款鸡尾酒的配方,最初使用的基酒是裸麦威士忌。到了美国“禁酒令”时期(1920年— 1933年),人们用无色的金酒取代了威士忌,作为这款鸡尾酒的常用基酒,使其从外表看与冰镇柠檬苏打水无异。苏打水里的二氧化碳不断逸出刺激着舌尖,酸橙汁与干金酒搭配形成清冽的口感,以及足够多的冰块成就了这杯晶莹剔透的清爽佳酿。

Gin Rickey is regarded as the sugar-free version of the Tom Collins. Named after American politician Colonel Joe Rickey, who created the recipe during the 1883 summer campaign, the original recipe adopts rye whiskey as base liquor. During the Prohibition Period (1920—1933), whiskey was replaced by the transparent gin to disguise it as a simple glass of iced lemon soda. The Gin Rickey is an exceptionally refreshing cocktail – bubbly soda jumps on your palate, while zesty and sweet lime juice perfectly matches the dry gin along with abundance of ice.

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