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继去年在上海外滩W酒店,美国Ashley爱室丽家具公司旗下家居品牌Kingswere汀斯维尔助力时装设计师陈序之的XU ZHI 2018年春夏系列时装发布后,终于迎来了第二次合作。近日,KINGSWERE|XU ZHI限量家居系列于上海老码头二库沃弗空间隆重发布。Kingswere汀斯维尔邀请了业内众多时尚及家居媒体朋友共同见证了这一难忘时刻。

Fashion designer Chen Xuzhi collaborated with Kingswere the premium home furnishing brand and presented this latest furniture collection. The collection is simple in design, fluid in outlines, and merges fashion with spacial design.

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