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Dear Women of China,

I loved the front cover of your August 2017 edition, which made me feel clean and refreshed. I also liked the layout of the articles, and I felt comfortable reading your magazine.

Zhou Lin Dear Women of China,

I am touched that women's federations participated in rescue and relief work after a 7-magnitude earthquake hit Jiuzhaigou County. It was thoughtful of women's federations to mobilize people from all sectors of society to provide aid to the earthquake-stricken area.



Dear Women of China,

As reported on your website, the China Children and Teenagers' Foundation launched the latest round of the Spring Bud Program on August 8 in Beijing to help impoverished children. It is really joyous news for impoverished kids.


Dear Women of China,

I was interested in the article, on your website, about the Fourth Aimer Beijing International Women's Festival, which kicked off on August 11 in Beijing. The event featured plays on various themes, and it provided a close and entertaining look at the state of modern women.




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Many overseas study tours turn out to be tours without the study. Charged an exorbitant price, the students experience nothing more than sightseeing. I suggest China's Ministry of Education issue some guidelines for study tours.

Penny Dear Women of China,

I read a report, on your website, that China marked the 70th anniversary of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the first provincial-level ethnic autonomous region in China, earlier this year. I liked the article. I think the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region will enjoy a brilliant future.


Dear Women of China,

I read a report, on your website, that indicated Shanghai had established 68 workplace nurseries to ease employees' childcare burdens. I think the traditional parent-child relationship in China is entirely different from that in western countries.


New Zealand


Smaug Dear Erin,

Thank you for your comments. Women's federations' officials and women volunteers, from all walks of life, responded rapidly and lent their utmost support to quake-affected people. They have played an important role in post-quake relief work.

Women of China If I were a wealthy Chinese parent, I would find a good camp in China, rather than in the US. Let the children actually relax and enjoy themselves over the summer. Let them have a happy childhood instead of just pushing for more educational success all the time. Regardless of nationality, a study trip to another country is invaluable. It widens a person's perspective and understanding of the world in which we live; its geography and diverse cultures.


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