Living in the Tang Dynasty

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Why do modern people still enjoy reading poems written during the Tang Dynasty (618-907)? Tang poems embodied then-national conditions and the various lives of people from all walks of life, ranging from emperors to ordinary people. The poems were treasures in Chinese culture, and they reflected the beauty of the Chinese language.

Many foreigners lived in China during the Tang Dynasty. During the reign of Emperor Xuanzong (712-756), more than 4,000 foreigners lived in Chang'an (capital of Tang, today's Xi'an). Women enjoyed a relatively high status during the Tang Dynasty. According to Meng Xianshi, professor with Renmin University, Dunhuang (in Northwest China's Gansu Province) had a kind of all-women society during the Tang Dynasty. That society was similar to a women's club in modern times. Members of the society met, had dinner, drank wine and played games.

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