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When people call themselves addicts, they might mean they have a "soft addiction." American psychologist Judith Wright has defined "soft addiction" as an obsessive habit, behavior and/or emotion, such as watching television and endlessly surfing the Internet. In the mobile Internet era, people are addicted to many products and services. The most popular

'addictive' apps among Chinese users include

Wechat (instant messaging app), Dianping

(restaurant review app), Didi (taxi app) and

Amap (map app). Addictive products must cater to users' frequent behavior. When using a product becomes a person's habit, the product can be regarded as a successful one. From the perspective of economics, when customers become addicted to some products, it is not because they don't have strong will power; instead, it is because the producers have taken good advantage of the customers' consumption habits and decision-making behavior.

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