One-fifth of Chinese Women Breastfeed Exclusively for Six Months

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The World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and breastfeeding advocacy groups issued a report, which contained breastfeeding statistics, on August 1, the first day of World Breastfeeding Week (August 1-7). The theme for this year was Sustaining Breastfeeding Together.

The report was based on statistics collected from 194 countries. According to the report, 40 percent of infants, under six months, in the countries are fed with human milk exclusively. The rate of women who breastfeed their babies is higher than 60 percent in only 23 countries. Twenty-one percent of Chinese women breastfeed their children exclusively for six months.

The WHO and UNICEF, with 20 prominent international agencies and nongovernmental organizations, have formed the Global Breastfeeding Collective.

Some of the BBC'S mostprominent female journalists and television hosts are banding together to demand the BBC fix its wide gender pay gap immediately, rather than in several years as management has proposed, the Associated Press has reported. BBC responded that it has made "significant changes" in recent years, but that it needs to do more to close the pay gap. Documents made public showed that male BBC TV and radio personalities make substantially more than their female counterparts.

With Captain America directors Joe and Anthony Russo reported to have consulted on Wolf Warrior 2, the movie has the look and feel of a typical Hollywood action flick, cnn. com has reported. The difference is it features a Chinese hero saving Chinese citizens. "People know Tom Cruise and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Why don't we have this type of actor representing China?" Wu Jing, the movie's lead actor and director, asked during an interview on CCTV.

Marriott International is joining hands with China's largest e-commerce operator, Alibaba Group Holding, has reported. The American hotel giant said it has formed a joint venture with Alibaba to sell online travel bookings and loyalty program deals in China, an expansion tactic to draw more customers in the booming Asian market. China's travelers will make about 700 million trips in the next five years, Marriott estimates.

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