No Longer Antique!

Chinese Woman Uses Modern Technology to Bring Traditional Chinese Craft to Life

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The inlaying of materials into wood was a technique used to make patterns on wooden crafts in ancient times. Now, it is rare to see the art form anywhere in society. That is why Li Yuanjun researched and redeveloped the craft. She has also begun using the technique to make wooden bags by hand.木镶嵌是一种以各种质地的材料嵌入木中组成各种图案的工艺,在中国古代十分盛行。李渊君借用电子设备,结合精细的手工,复原了这一工艺,并把它运用到木制手包中。 跨界做起木匠活

Li Yuanjun, who was born in 1984, became a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania (Upenn), in 2009. Li met Qi Tian, who would become her husband, at Upenn. Qi majored in architecture at Upenn. Li and Qi graduated from Upenn in 2009. After they had graduated, and while they were looking for work in the United States, a car accident changed their lives.

"It was a terrible car crash. We missed many interview opportunities. After we recovered, we decided to use the compensation (from the accident) to travel by car in the United States. We started our journey, from Philadelphia, in August 2009. It took us nearly one year to travel through 100 cities in 48 states. We returned to China in the autumn of 2010," recalls Li.

Li and Qi wrote Beyond Traveling, a book about their journey through the United States, after they returned to China. They started their own business in 2011. They established a brand, DMLJ, and they began to make wooden boxes for collectors, for storing antiques and art.

"Qi became fascinated with collecting ancient Chinese coins when he was a university student. We


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