Shine in China Swiss Deputy Head of Mission'swife Cherishes Communications with Chinese Designers,artists

“新随瑞动” 用设计感知中国 ——专访瑞士驻华公使夫人高霓娜

Women of China (English) - - BLENDING IN |沟通 - YE SHAN 叶珊Photos by FAN WENJUN 摄影:樊文军

The Swiss Embassy in China hosted an event, entitled "Innofashion 2017," during the evening of May 15 in Beijing. During the event, Daniela Gaschen, wife of Alain Gaschen, Minister and Deputy Head of Mission of the Swiss Embassy, had her designed leather bags carried by models, as part of a fashion show. Those bags were finely produced by her Switzerland-based company. Since her first visit to China, two years ago, Daniela has cherished every opportunity to communicate with Chinese designers and artists. She enjoys working with them, as it allows her the opportunity to explore the possibilities of combining Swiss and Chinese pop art and fashions.在瑞士大使馆举办的“新随瑞动”时尚之夜活动现场,模特走秀时搭配的几款设计简洁、做工精良的皮具手包,令人印象深刻。这些经典的设计,出自瑞士驻华公使夫人高霓娜之手。高霓娜是一位专业的设计师,在与众多中国设计师、艺术家的交流中,她渴望寻求更多合作的可能性。

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