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UFH Chair Witnesses Progression of China's Healthcare-service Industry

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"I am very happy that I became a permanent resident of China 38 years after my first visit to this country." Roberta Lipson, board chair and chief executive officer of United Family Healthcare (UFH), wrote the above message, in Chinese, on her Wechat Moments on July 10, 2017. That day, she received her permanent residence permit, also referred to as China's green card. Since Lipson's first visit to China, in 1979, the American woman has witnessed nearly 40 years of vast changes, many of which have taken place in China's healthcare-service industry. In recent years, she has been particularly impressed by the fact Chinese have been paying greater attention — compared with a few decades earlier — to health issues. She was especially glad to see the Chinese Government created an enabling environment for the public to live healthy lives, and that the government provided many supportive policies for hospitals and providers of medical services to develop their businesses.

“38年后很高兴正式成为中国永久居民。”——和睦家医疗的女掌门李碧菁于2017 年7月 10日拿到中国“绿卡”后,第一时间在微信朋友圈分享了她的喜悦。从1979年第一次踏上中国的土地,李碧菁见证了中国医疗事业的发展。近年来,她欣喜地发现,人们的健康素养日渐提高,中国政府正为推进全民健康创造一个越来越好的环境,也为医疗机构提供了更多的政策支持。

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