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Young artist Yi Yuxiao has long been creating contemporary art, and she has been combing art forms, such as experimental video and independent animation. Since 2012, she has participated in many exhibitions, in China and abroad. Her famous works include Please Listen to Me, a series of animated films that reflect children's dreams, and Spirit Body, an animation that highlights disabled children's lives. In Yi's opinion, the combination of a documentary and animation provides a free, diverse platform to express her artistic concepts.青年艺术家易雨潇长期致力于实验影像与独立动画的前沿领域艺术实践。从2012年开始,她参加了一系列国内国际的展览。她的作品持续保持着实验性和对社会问题的关注,譬如反映儿童群体梦想的《我想对你说》和反映残障儿童生活状态的《灵·体》,通过实验影像和独立动画更为自由、多元的艺术媒介风格,将她的创作观念融入其中。

Yi created Please Listen to Me when she was an undergraduate student. That work helped her win the 2012 outstanding graduation creation academy award when she was studying at Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. Yi's experience as a volunteer teacher inspired her as she was creating that artwork.

"I visited five primary schools in the provinces of Sichuan and Hunan, the municipality of Chongqing and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Those schools included both the high-quality ones, in the urban areas, and also the schools for left-behind children, in the countryside, or for children of minority groups," Yi recalls.

While she was collecting the children's stories and their dreams, Yi noticed the children had various views of the world, based on the differences among their families, their living environments and their regional cultures and customs. "For example, children from Xinjiang looked very happy because they enjoyed playing with animals in the beautiful nature. Children in the cities had clear goals, such as 'becoming a pop star' or 'going to study at Tsinghua University.' The left-behind children simply wanted their parents to spend more time with them at home. By combining those stories together in my work, I hoped spectators would think about their lives," Yi says.

Spirit Body was created during the third year of Yi's postgraduate studies. Yi visited a welfare house, in which children who suffered from cerebral palsy (a condition caused by damage to a baby's brain before or during its birth, and which makes the limbs and muscles permanently weak) were living. At that time, Yi wanted to create an animated film to follow Please Listen to Me.

"I wanted to highlight the thoughts of children in the

Glass River《玻璃河》Spirit Body《灵·体》

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