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Asiniuniu Daliangshan-style Restaurant was established in Xichang, a city in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, in southwestern China's Sichuan Province, in February 2011. Now, the restaurant has four outlets — two in Beijing, one in Xichang and one in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province. The restaurant mainly offers Liangshanstyle cuisine, especially the dishes of the Yi ethnic group.

The first Asiniuniu outlet in Beijing opened in the Sanlitun area in November 2013. Customers can see many elements of the Yi ethnic group in the restaurant. The decorations — including the paintings, lamps, cushions, wood chairs and bronze statues — have the elements of the Yi's culture. "Red, yellow and black are the three favorite colors of the Yi people. Red, yellow and black are also the main colors of the restaurant's interior decorations. The floor is black. The pillars are red. The wood used to construct the stage, tables, stairs and ceilings are yellow. The most impressive decoration is the ceiling above the stage. The ceiling is a chuandou-type wooden structure, which is common in traditional Yi buildings in Liangshan. The structure is made from wooden planks and sticks, without using a nail," says Chen Jin, the restaurant's manager.

"Liangshan is located on the western region of Yunnanguizhou Plateau, where the average elevation is more than 2,000 meters. It has good air, sufficient sunlight and abundant rainfall. Animals and plants grow healthily given the good environment. So, Liangshan produces many high-quality agricultural products, including radishes, tartary buckwheat, wujin pigs (from Wumeng Mountain areas) and free-range chickens (from Mianning [a county in Liangshan]). We offer healthy, delicious dishes that are made with these high-quality ingredients. Every day, these ingredients are flown to Beijing from Liangshan. We take pride in ensuring the ingredients are fresh, and that the ingredients retain their original flavors and nutritional components, to the greatest extent," says Chen.

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