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Twin Sisters Help Impoverished Children Receive Education

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Youliduzi Sidike and Kuniduzi Sidike were born in Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The twin sisters have had rich life experiences during the past 16 years; they have danced on stages around the world, they have been recommended as exam-exempted postgraduates, they have studied in PH.D. programs in the United States, and they have established a fund to help impoverished children in Xijiang receive an education.她们是舞蹈演员,曾登上世界各地的舞台;她们也是“学霸”,从成绩单上的“最后一名”变成了保送生,把求学的轨迹从中国延伸到美国;她们还是公益事业的践行者,创办玉兔慈善基金,为贫困失学的孩子送去求学求知的希望。她们是来自新疆的双胞胎姐妹尤丽都孜·司地克和库妮都孜·司地克。


Kuniduzi Sidike and Youliduzi Sidike loved to dance when they were young. The sisters passed the entrance exam to get into a good junior high school after they completed primary school. However, they chose to study dance at Xinjiang Arts University. "My parents have not forced us to do anything since we were young. Even though they thought we were wrong, they only asked us to make the decision," recalls Youliduzi Sidike, the elder sister.

The twins became professional dancers, with the China National Song & Dance Ensemble, in 2001, after they completed the courses at the arts university. They not only performed in many large-scale performances in China, but they also performed in many other countries, including Singapore and the Republic of Korea. They earned good salaries. However, they were not satisfied. "We were not well-educated. We could not communicate with the locals in English when we performed in foreign countries.

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