'Gathering Women's Force, Building the Silk Road'

Second China-arabwomen's Forum Held in Beijing凝聚女性力量 共建丝绸之路——聚焦第二届中国—阿拉伯国家妇女论坛

Women of China (English) - - FEATURES |关注 - YE SHAN 叶珊 Photos by FAN WENJUN and ZHANG JIAMIN 摄影:樊文军 张佳敏

To promote women's communications and cooperation under the new circumstances of enhanced people-to-people exchanges between China and Arab countries, the All-china Women's Federation (ACWF) hosted the Second Chinaarab Women's Forum in Beijing on September 19-20, 2017. Some 150 participants, including leaders from the women's organizations and government departments in charge of women's affairs in China, the Arab countries and the League of Arab States (LAS), and representatives of academia, enterprises, Arab countries' embassies and the LAS institutions in China, witnessed the opening of a new chapter of friendship between Chinese and Arabian women.

为推动新形势下中阿妇女的务实交流与合作,由全国妇联主办的第二届中国—阿拉伯国家妇女论坛于2017 年 9 月 19-20 日在北京举办。来自中国和阿拉伯国家的妇女机构和妇女组织领导人、阿盟妇女事务负责人、学术界和企业界代表、阿拉伯国家驻华使馆及阿盟驻华机构代表150人与会,见证中阿姐妹携手开启友好合作新篇章。

A grand reunion of distinguished guests from China and Arab countries出席论坛的高级别代表合影

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