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Online Florists Making Fortunes Thanks to Booming E-commerce in China鲜花电商——“小确幸”撬动大市场

Women of China (English) - - FEATURES |关注 - LI WENJIE 李文杰Photos Supplied by Monet Floral 供图:莫奈花园

Many professionals, especially women, in cities across China have in recent years formed the habit of ordering fresh flowers online, and having the flowers delivered to their homes and/or offices weekly. Many of those professionals also like to post photos of the nicely designed and packaged flowers on their social media accounts, such as Wechat Moments. They greet their colleagues with words like, "What flowers do you have today?" They feel happy and relaxed when they look at the beautiful flowers on their desks. As flowers are becoming an indispensable part of professionals' daily lives, business owners are seizing various opportunities to make fortunes.


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