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Public Servant's Family Dedicated to Highway Development, Transportation Initiatives “交通之家” 爱在路上

Women of China (English) - - FAMILY |家 - LI WENJIE李文杰Photos Supplied by SUN YONGHONG 供图:孙永红

For many people, balancing the time and energy they spend on their careers and families, and maintaining harmony within their families, are major issues they must handle in their everyday lives. Sun Yonghong, director of the highways bureau, under China's Ministry of Transport, says he is lucky that he handles those issues well. Sun and his wife, Zhang Ping, both work for the Ministry of Transport. Zhang's parents have also worked in transportation-related posts. The two generations of this family have wisely balanced their careers and family lives.当很多人为如何平衡事业和生活发愁,为如何处理家庭关系绞尽脑汁的时候,交通运输部公路局孙永红一家五口用生活点滴,诠释了一个平凡家庭的和谐内涵。一家两代人将年华奉献给了中国的交通事业,他们宽厚包容,以行育人。虽然没有轰轰烈烈的事迹,但他们用智慧和爱经营的温暖小家,成为了这个社会中的“基石”,传播着可贵的能量。

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