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Omani Ambassador's Spouse Calls for Women's Participation in Belt and Road Initiative加入“一带一路”协奏曲——专访阿曼驻华大使夫人科利马

Women of China (English) - - BLENDING IN |沟通 - YE SHAN 叶珊Photos by FAN WENJUN and YE SHAN 摄影:樊文军叶珊

Karima Nasser Al-saadi accompanied her husband, Abdullah Saleh Al-saadi, to China 10 years ago, when her husband assumed the post as Oman's ambassador to China. During the Second China-arab Women's Forum, held in Beijing in September 2017, Karima, currently President of the Group of Arab Countries Ambassadors' Spouses, delivered a speech. She compared the Belt and Road Initiative to a "concerto," in which countries along the initiative's routes all participate. She called on women to play their roles well in all segments of society, so they will make greater contributions to the Belt and Road Initiative.

阿曼驻华大使阿卜杜拉 萨利赫 萨阿迪的夫人科利马随夫在中国生活已有十年。在今年9月举办的第二届中国—阿拉伯国家妇女论坛上,作为阿拉伯国家驻华大使夫人协会主席,她在发言中将“一带一路”倡议比作沿线国家的“协奏曲”,呼吁妇女做好充分准备,扮演好社会各方面的角色,从而发挥更大的作用。

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