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A woman's menstrual cycle is part of the normal programming of her healthy body. The menses should last 4-7 days. Her cycle should continue on a regular basis, every 28 days. Alterations in the menstrual cycle indicate the woman's body is out of balance. According to traditional Chinese medical (TCM) theory, there are ways for a woman to correct problems with her menstrual cycle.月经是女性每个月的排毒时间。正常的月经颜色为鲜红,时间是3-5天,周期为28天左右。如果月经周期提前或错后,或月经量少,反应了身体什么样的特质呢?影响女性月经的因素很多,要找到原因,对症调理。

According to TCM theory, when a woman's cycle is normal but eventually becomes shorter (menses starts a week earlier), the woman is either suffering from a deficiency of qi (vital energy) or excessive heat in the blood. A woman with a shorter cycle because of qi deficiency will generally have a profuse, thin and light red menses.

Women who suffer from a shorter cycle should eat more foods that have a warm nature, and which are good for the spleen. Such foods include yams, soybeans, eggs and glutinous rice. Because these women usually suffer from anemia, they should also eat more foods that help enrich the blood.

Menstrual cycles that start a week late, or become as long as 45 days, indicate coldness in the blood, blood deficiency or qi stagnation. To deal with this, women should eat foods that help dispel coldness, including Chinese angelica, brown sugar and ginger.

To prevent coldness in one's body, it is important to balance the consumption of

cold foods and drinks with warm soups, drinks and food.

A woman should keep warm during her period. She should also wash her feet in hot water before 9 p.m. each day. Using sanitary pads that contain snow lotus and other herbs will help ease menstrual pain.

Women should learn to deal with stress in a positive way. Stress and frustration can result in problems with the menstrual cycle.

It is proper for a woman to eat enough vegetables, fruits and high-protein foods prior to her period.

During her menstrual cycle, a woman should eat more foods that are rich in iron, including spinach, kelp, sesame and apple. Also, a woman should avoid eating too many cold foods, and foods that have a cold nature, such as crab and watermelon. Eating too many sweet foods, especially chocolate, is also harmful for a woman's health, because it may result in imbalances in her hormones and blood sugar.

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