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The All-china Women's Federation (ACWF) in 2015 proposed that parents should read books with their children for half an hour per day. ACWF has since encouraged women's federations, at all levels, to organize various parent-child, book-reading activities. The activities are aimed at promoting scientific methods of family education, and at helping parents and children cultivate the good habit of reading books. The activities have helped children grow up healthily in happy, harmonious families.

Women's federations, at all levels, in Ningbo (a city in Zhejiang Province), have organized various parentchild, book-reading activities since 2012. The women's federations have established book-reading promotion bases in communities, kindergartens, schools and work units. The federations have cooperated with relevant departments and social organizations as they have explored methods of combining parent-child, book-reading activities with good family traditions and scientific methods of family education.

Teams, composed of volunteers who have helped promote parent-child book reading, have been established in 10 districts and counties in Ningbo. The teams have 1,758 backbone members, most of whom are loving parents. Nearly 189 book-reading-promotion bases have been established in communities, villages or kindergartens. Every month, the volunteers hold parent-child, bookreading promotions. More and more families in Ningbo are participating in the activities. The members have also established dozens of Wechat and QQ (instant-messaging software) groups. They have promoted parent-child book reading and scientific methods of raising children.

The Women's Federation of Ninghai County (in Ningbo) established the Good Fathers and Good Mothers' Storytelling Team in July 2014. Most of the team's members are parents and/or teachers from kindergartens or primary schools. The members have organized more than 500 activities to promote parent-child book reading in communities, villages, schools and libraries since 2015. They have held nearly 300 story-telling sessions for free. Nearly 7,000 people have participated in the sessions. The county's women's federation in June 2017 initiated an activity, during which members gave books as gifts to newborns' families. Since then, all newborns' families in Ninghai have received gifts composed of children's books and books about family education. Experts in childhood education and family education selected the books.

The Women's Federation of Ningbo in May 2015 hosted a meeting, during which the federation promoted parentchild book reading. During the meeting, 23 communities, kindergartens and primary schools were nominated as city-level, parent-child book-reading promotion bases. The federation invested 200,000 yuan (US $29,851) to launch a program, aimed at promoting the scientific methods of

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