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During their visit to China's Taiwan and four countries (Thailand, Turkey, Spain and the United States), five groups of reporters with Life Week experienced the food culture of different places and interviewed people who were passionate about cooking. Reporter Hei Mai interviewed three Chinese women in the US. Hou Tingting is a line cook in The Progress, in San Francisco. "For me, the kitchen is a dream factory, a magical place. It is like a laboratory of delicacies, where I can share love and good things with people," she said.

Yan Shuoqing works in Madera Restaurant, in Silicon Valley. "I think women cooks are more sensitive about the tastes of customers, food materials and the understanding of different cultures," Yan said. Du Zihan studies cooking in the Culinary Institute of America, in New York. "I hope that what I learn here will help improve my life quality," she said.

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