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The Maotai-flavored liquors are known as the treasure of liquors in China. The production process of Maotai-flavored liquors is very complicated, and it usually takes more than five years to produce the liquors. Wang Chaoli, a native of Maotai, a town in Renhuai, in

Southwest China's Guizhou Province, is the creator of the Zhi brand of liquors. In 2010, she quit her job as a liquor salesperson in Shanghai and returned to her hometown to realize her goal of producing high-quality Maotai-flavored liquors. She always said that people should "maintain their original heart." Wang and her team strive to produce high-quality products, and they use an innovative marketing strategy. An employee of Wang's company once said, "She is more than just the director of the board. She is our spiritual leader."

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