Chinesewomen Inheriting Intangible Cultural Heritage坚守与创新——关注中国女性非遗传承人

Women of China (English) - - CULTURAL HERITAGE |巧手中国 - CHEN XIAO, GU WENTONG and LILY 陈潇顾文同莉莉

As the Chinese Government has made greater efforts to protect China's cultural heritage in recent years, an increasing number of Chinese have tended to place greater value on "knickknacks" and "old-folk items" than they did in previous years. When you marvel at the beauty and artistic charm of the items, you might not fully appreciate how much effort the craftspeople put into making the items. They have spent years creating crafts, with skill, determination and patience, and they have constantly perfected their skills and innovated the technical skills used to create the crafts. We should give our thumbs up to women inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, especially those who have broken the gender barrier by inheriting the crafts traditionally passed down to men. In this edition, Women of China English Monthly shares the stories of women inheritors, who create gorgeous fabrics.随着国家对文化遗产重视和保护的升级,很多以前人们眼里的“老物件”“小玩意儿”重入大众视野,获得前所未有的关注。在这些富含中华民族色彩和精神的古老技艺和绝美作品中,我们一路追寻,看到的是一个个身怀绝技的手艺大师数十年如一日的坚守和创新。特别是在这当中也有许多女性的身影,她们突破了性别的壁垒,扛起了复兴的重任。本期我们为您讲述的是几位巧手纺织领域的女性非遗传承人的故事。

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