Forbidden Flowers


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Gao Qian is an artist who is best known for being representative of the "new fine brushwork" art form. Fine brushwork, or is a traditional Chinese realistic painting characterized by the artist's close attention to details. Gao's paintings are appealing and exquisite, and they give spectators the impression that Gao is gentle and reserved. Subtle observation, profound meditation and restrained metaphor — those elements form the framework of Gao's paintings. In her art, spectators find not only artistic traits of traditional Chinese paintings, but also a female artist's understanding of and emotions about this world.高茜是“新工笔”的代表艺术家之一。她的作品温婉含蓄、情致细腻,充满令人玩味的对话关系和引人入胜的层次细节。细微的体察,深入的思考,含蓄的隐喻,组合而成高茜艺术作品的独特架构。这种架构完美地接续了传统中国画的至真品格,同时也使个人化的情感与思辨落地生香。

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