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Lotus Island, founded in 2013, has been helping women create perfect images by improving both their physical and mental health. A beautiful woman should be confident, and she should have a soft, but powerful, heart.打造女性完美形象是个伟大工程,莲香岛五年来不遗余力将发展女性的形象美学、心理美学、生理美学为己任,旨在打造“自信、阳光、柔软有力量的完美女性”。

If a woman wants to look distinguished, or to become a fashion icon, she has to put much effort into perfecting her appearance.

Some women, especially those in their 40s, slack off on body building and caring for their skin, and most women give up on those aspects of health care after they retire. As a result, their faces sag and they can only wear loose-fitting clothes to hide their weight gain.

It is understandable that people need to relax at various points of their lives. Women can relax, but that doesn't mean they should stop paying attention to their appearance. Women should never lose their passion for beauty, love and/or life.

A woman's appearance can help us learn information about her, such as the way she educates her child, and the level of her selfdiscipline. Beautiful women will impress us at first sight, and women who are good at improving their appearance are often enthusiastic. They also do well in work and in their social lives.

Qin Yi, a 95-year-old actress, still works hard, and she takes care of her disabled son. One might think she is unfortunate.

However, she always dresses elegantly and looks energetic when she makes a public appearance. Her beauty and self-esteem win the respect of others.

Some housewives lose their charm after years of performing housework. They should learn to remain independent, and they should pay more attention to their image and health.

Although it's hard to have both a perfect body and a perfect mind, Lotus Island helps many women make improvements in those areas. Those women tend to be recognized by the people around them, as they tend to be more confident and strong-minded, especially after they begin working out and learning new things.

They enjoy making friends and participating in charitable events. They also begin to use their experiences to encourage other women who are struggling with issues in lives.

Women are like sunshine at home, and they are like the flowers that make the world more beautiful. Aspiring to have a better image, and to have a better life, will become a woman's inner power, and that will bring about her true elegance.

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