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"Shanxi will make greater efforts to achieve the targets (of improving residents' livelihoods) outlined in the 2018 Shanxi Provincial People's Government's annual work report," Lou Yangsheng, Governor of North China's Shanxi Province, said during a recent work conference. He told media the government will provide free screening for cervical and breast cancer (the "two cancers") to all rural women in Shanxi's 36 povertystricken counties, so afflicted women can receive timely medical treatment.

In 2009, the All-china Women's Federation (ACWF) and China's National Health and Family Planning Commission (CNHFPC) implemented the cancer-screening project. Under the project, rural Chinese women receive free screening for the "two cancers." The project's aims are to raise awareness medical technology and insufficient medical facilities, the incidence rates of the "two cancers" have been high in the counties in recent years.

Given the efforts of doctors and officials of women's federations, at various levels in Shanxi, to publicize information about the cancer-screening project, many women in the counties have improved their awareness of the importance of health.

"We plan to offer, within two years, free screening for the 'two cancers' to a combined 800,000 rural women in Shanxi's poverty-stricken counties. We include the target of providing free screening for the 'two cancers' to all rural women (in the province) in Shanxi's 13th Five-year Plan (20162020)," says Zhang Bao, President of Shanxi Women's Federation.

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