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The General Administration of Sport, the Communist Youth League, China's ministries of Education, Finance and Civil Affairs, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Office of the Central Guidance Commission for Building Spiritual Civilization of the Communist Party of China (CPC) recently promulgated plans to adopt measures to help children improve their physiques.

According to the plans, most Chinese minors will exercise regularly by 2020, and that will help boost their immune systems and improve their bodies' ability to fight diseases. Also, governments, at various levels across the country, will establish a work mechanism, through which various organizations (including families, schools and communities) will work together to help children strengthen their bodies.

One plan calls for China's ministry of Education, General Administration about the importance of healthcare and to detect the "two cancers" early, so afflicted women can receive timely medical treatment.

According to Lou, Shanxi in 2017 allocated a combined 34.29 million yuan (US $5.4 million) to the 36 counties, to cover the costs of 275,918 women (aged 35 to 64), who received free screening for the "two cancers."

Due largely to the underdeveloped of Sport, the Communist Youth League and other organizations to conduct more sports activities, especially sports events involving swimming, ice sports, track and field and the "Big Three" ball games (football, basketball and volleyball), to help children improve their physiques.

The plan also calls for primary and middle schools, across the country, to guarantee their students receive an hour of exercise every day, and that every student will master a skill in a sport.

According to the plan, China will establish 15,000 sports schools and 12,000 sports clubs, at various levels across the country, by 2020. In addition, the plan calls for greater efforts to be made to improve sports facilities, both within schools and in public places, for children, to provide training to help more sports instructors improve their ability to teach children how to exercise and to conduct more research into children's sports equipment and their scientific methods to exercise.

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