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To mark the 108th anniversary of International Women's Day (on March 8), Guangdong Women's Federation on March 4 launched an activity to help residents better understand the nation's laws and legal regulations. The event was held in Shaoguan, a city in Guangdong Province. More than 2,000 people — including provincial and municipal leaders, the federation's officials and residents — attended.

The federation's officials performed sketches to publicize information about China's laws and regulations, especially those related to women's rights and interests. The officials also encouraged women to integrate the spirit of the law in their work and social and family lives, and to respect, study, observe and use the law (to protect their legal rights and interests).

Officials from Shaoguan Public Security Bureau, law enforcement agencies and other organizations provided legal counseling and other legal services to residents, so they could better protect their rights and interests. The officials also distributed materials to publicize, among the residents, information about China's laws and regulations pertaining to the protection of women and children's legal rights and interests.

The federation's officials recently told media the federation in 2008 established the first few rights protection and information-service stations, which provide various services, including domestic services, legal assistance and rights-protection services, to women and their families. The officials said the federation during the past decade has established 30 provincial-level service stations in 20 of Guangdong's cities and regions. The stations have provided legal assistance to more than eight million women.

The federation's officials also told media by the end of last year, the stations had provided legal services to women and families involving in 17,549 cases. Given the stations' help, the women had obtained a combined 94.8 million yuan (US $15 million) in compensation. The results of a recent survey on the stations' service quality indicated women tended to have a high opinion of the quality of the services.

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