'Skilledstones'physician' Restores Beauty of Thousand-handgodofmercy


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The stone carvings in the Dazu (a district in Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality) Grottoes, the history of which dates back more than 800 years, occupy an important place in the world's cultural treasure house. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1999 included the carvings on the World Heritage List. Although countless people from around the world are fascinated with the carvings, few people realize the items continue to survive thanks to the tremendous efforts of antique repairers, who work hard to restore the beauty of the antiques. Chen Huili, director of the Cultural Relics Protection Center, under Dazu Stone Carvings Research Institute, from 2008-2015 devoted all of her efforts to "treating" the "sick" Thousand-hand God of Mercy, so the god regained her original beauty. The god's stone statue, in the Dazu Grottoes, is the largest of its kind in China. Given her superb workmanship, many Chinese refer to Chen as the "skilled stones' physician."世界文化遗产大足石刻是中国晚期石窟艺术的典范之作,也是世界石窟艺术群中保存最为完好的之一。在它周围有一群默默坚守的匠人,他们既是文物的保护者,更是文化的延续者。而陈卉丽就是这群文物修复专家里的中流砥柱,她被誉为“石头御医”。

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