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"The most important thing is giving full play to the principal role of the villagers during the process of building 'beautiful homes.' We help the villagers transform their courtyards, so the courtyards will be cleaner and more relaxing. We help the villagers develop good habits, and we help them improve their living standards. We also help the villagers live in harmony with their relatives and neighbors, so they can build a harmonious, prosperous and beautiful village," says Wang Hongying, president of the county's women's federation.

"We have formulated some policies to encourage the villagers to participate in building 'beautiful homes.' We supply subsidies to the families, who have transformed and decorated their courtyards. To encourage the villagers to read books, we give them book-buying cards for free. The villagers can use the cards to buy books. The villagers can install broadband Internet at a discount. We help villagers, who want to start businesses, receive startup capital. We also give awards to the families who are designated as owners of starlevel 'beautiful homes.' All of the families in the county know about the building 'beautiful homes' campaign, and more than 80 percent of the families participate in the campaign," says Wang.

The county's government has formulated policies to establish the campaign's management and reward mechanisms. Models at different levels, including starlevel beautiful homes and villages of beautiful homes, have been chosen, to set good examples for other villagers. "Cadres at the women's federations of the villages and towns in Anji go door to door to motivate villagers to participate in the star rating of the 'beautiful homes.' The villagers can apply for a star rating. The cadres of the federations visit door to door, to help applicants transform and decorate their courtyards. Then, the qualified families are chosen as star-level beautiful homes through multilevel examinations. The star-level beautiful homes include three-, four- and five-star homes. Nearly 93,000 properties have been chosen as star-level beautiful homes, and 68 villages in Anji have been chosen as county-level model villages with beautiful homes," says Wang.

The county's women's federation has used the Internet, television, radio and print media to promote models of "beautiful homes" and good methods for transforming courtyards. More and more people have been influenced by the building "beautiful homes" campaign.

As a result of the campaign, the living environment has improved. Women have opened agritainments and family inns in their courtyards. The beautiful natural landscape and the "beautiful homes" in Anji have attracted many tourists. The villagers, especially the women, have earned more money, and become rich, by operating agritainments or family inns.

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