'Like the Most Beautiful Spring'

Couple Promotes Ballet Among Rural Children芭蕾,端村最美的春天

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Guan Yu, a professor with Beijing Dance Academy, and Zhang Ping, his wife and a choreographer, have traveled between Beijing and Duancun, a village in Anxin, a county in North China's Hebei Province, during weekends for the past six years. They teach children in the village how to perform ballet. The couple has established an art bridge for the rural children, and that is helping the children broaden their horizons.

“农村孩子不是学不会艺术,是缺少人教。这166公里,就是他们与艺术的距离。”北京舞蹈学院教授关於和爱人张萍每周末穿越 166公里,前往河北安新县端村教孩子们跳芭蕾,已有6年。夫妇俩为乡村的孩子们架起了一座艺术之桥,让他们认识了更美的世界,看到了更好的自己。

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