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presented the artwork to Romania.

In 1986, the Chinese Government sent Liu to Harare, capital of the Republic of Zimbabwe, to provide training to local women, to help them improve their embroidering skills. When Liu offered her embroidered screen, Victoria Falls, as a present to Robert Gabriel Mugabe, then-president of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Mugabe could hardly take his eyes off the magnificent artwork. Countless Africans marveled at the beauty of African Antelopes, another embroidery (by Liu), which portrays antelopes running on the grassland.

Since Liu retired from the plant, in 1998, she has invested more time and energy in promoting the traditional craft. In 2007, Hunan Arts and Crafts Vocational College employed her as a guest professor. The previous year, the college took the lead in the country in setting up the department of Hunan-style embroideries. In 2009, Liu established a studio and took on four apprentices.

Despite her advanced age, Liu takes delight in promoting the traditional Chinese craft. "My biggest wish is to pass on my craft-making skills to more young people. I also hope more people will understand the beauty of the art form," says Liu.

Liu Aiyun, who was born in 1939 in Changsha, is a Statelevel inheritor of the craft of making Hunan-style embroideries. During the past six decades, she has created numerous exquisite embroideries that have vividly depicted figures, flowers, birds and other animals. She is especially good at embroidering tigers. She has won many prizes for her artworks.

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