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screening for the cancer more efficiently and accurately. Also, women may download the results of the screening at home. In this way, they will be spared the trouble of traveling to the company to fetch their medical reports.

"Given the application of AI technologies and the online data analyses, we have improved our work efficiency. Also, we have provided better services to women, to help them improve their health," said Wang Baoju, Vicepresident of Hubei Women's Federation.

"At present, many regions in China are short of cytopathologists, who analyze cell and tissue samples to diagnose conditions such as infections and cancers. The application of AI technologies … can help solve the problem. Also, as machines can work tirelessly, AI 'doctors' are more productive than human doctors," Wu Xufeng, Director of the Department of Gynecologic Oncology of Hubei Maternal and Child Healthcare Hospital and Director of Hubei Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Center, was quoted as saying.

To mark the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking (on June 26), officials of Nanchang Narcotics Control Commission and Jiangxi and Nanchang women's federations on June 25 conducted, in Nanchang (capital of East China's Jiangxi Province), an activity to raise residents' awareness about the importance of not getting involved in drug use and trafficking.

Organizers called on residents to stay away from drugs, lead healthy lives and build peaceful families. Organizers also held interactive activities to share relevant information, and they distributed drug- and AIDSrelated information pamphlets. The activity was well received by residents, who learned how to prevent drug abuse and trafficking, and how to prevent AIDS. Officials of Nanchang Women and Children's Activity Center told media the center would organize more activities, including conducting drug-related courses, providing legal assistance to residents and arranging for residents to visit Jiangxi's Drug Prohibition Base, to help residents better understand how to prevent drug abuse and drug trafficking.

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