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The All-china Women's Federation (ACWF) has attached importance to protecting rural women's land-related rights, especially during confirmation of their land ownership, since China implemented a pilot project to reform its rural collective property rights system in 2015. From June 27-29, a team from ACWF conducted an inspection tour in Fangzheng, a county in Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province. Fangzheng is one of the first experimental counties, in which the project was implemented, in China. The team, headed by Tan Lin, Vice-president and Member of the Secretariat of ACWF, monitored the county's efforts to protect rural women's legal rights and interests during confirmation of land ownership.

In May 2015, China implemented a pilot project to reform the shareholding system in rural collectives in 29 of China's cities, counties and districts. Fangzheng was the only experimental county in Heilongjiang Province. (in the organization). In particular, the county has put much effort into protecting the land-related rights and interests of married rural women and rural women who are widowed or who get divorced or remarried.

Tan encouraged officials of other regions of the country to learn from the experiences of Fangzheng's officials in ensuring women's rights to know about and to participate in the reform of China's rural collective property rights system, and in guaranteeing women enjoy equal rights with men in offering suggestions to the Chinese Government to promote the reform and in overseeing the work related to the implementation of the reform. Tan stressed that strengthening the protection of women's legal rights and interests in the reform will not only help promote social stability in rural areas, but will also motivate women to make greater efforts to promote rural areas' economic development.

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