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The county's government and Party (Communist Party of China) Committee included women's federations, at all levels in the county, in the leading groups to promote Fangzheng's rural areas' confirmation of land ownership, to oversee the work related to the protection of women's land-related rights.

During the past three years, the county has applied the basic State policy of gender equality during confirmation of land ownership, and has presented a certificate to each member of a rural collective economic organization, to confirm his/her right to hold the stock

Officials of Hangzhou Women's Federation on July 4 announced the establishment of "e Harmony in Families," a Wechat mini program that provides various online services — including reporting offences to public security agencies and applying for injury identification, shelters and/or restraining orders (for the victims), to protect their safety and properties — to victims of domestic violence. The online platform provides "onestop" services, so the victims can receive legal aid within a short time. Also, judges, procurators and doctors can obtain evidence of the violence more easily. The program is the first of its kind in China. The federation employs 1,193 legal consultants, 48 psychologists and 2,258 mediators to provide online services to victims of domestic violence.

At the same time, "e Study Together," another online platform (established by the federation), went live to public. The platform is dedicated to helping women cadres, mediators, volunteers and social workers increase their knowledge about law and improve their professional skills, so they can provide better services to residents, to help them protect their legal rights and interests.

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