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Liaoning Women's Federation recently hosted a conference, during which cadres of women's federations, at all levels in the province, shared their experiences in helping residents resolve family disputes through mediation. The event was held in Tieling, a city in Northeast China's Liaoning Province.

Given the increase in the number of cases involving family disputes, officials of Liaoning Women's Federation urged the federations' cadres to make greater efforts to help residents resolve family disputes, which, in turn, will promote social harmony and stability. Officials of Liaoning Women's Federation suggested the federations should employ, within three years, a combined 10,000 mediators (composed of lawyers, psychologists, social workers and employees of the federations) to help residents mediate family disputes.

The officials also urged the federations' cadres to work with other organizations to strengthen public security and provide better services to residents, to help them resolve family disputes.

In accordance with the requirements of the ACWF and the work plans of Liaoning Provincial Government, Liaoning Women's Federation in recent years has put much effort into helping residents resolve family disputes. Between January-may, the federation's cadres helped 1,479 families mediate their disputes.

Women's federations, at the grass-roots level in Liaoning Province, during the past two years have conducted a combined 204 sessions of training courses, to help mediators, who are employed by the federations, improve their ability to resolve family disputes. So far, 73 cities, counties and districts in Liaoning have established people's mediation committees and mediation centers, which have employed 7,814 mediators, combined, to mediate residents' marital and family disputes.

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