In Love, and Not Lonely


Women of China (English) - - ARTS SCENE |艺术空间 - FAN WENJUN 樊文军Photos Supplied by WU YOUMING 供图:吴幼明

Zhou Li likes to draw and paint animals, plants, people and beautiful scenes of nature, such as the sun, moon, stars, sky and ocean. Her paintings make spectators feel the warm power of light and love. She hopes spectators will not feel lonely after they look at her works.周丽喜欢画动物、植物、人物以及大自然中的日月星辰、蓝天碧海。她的作品呈现出一种相互守望的力量,她希望观者能够感受到作品里的光明与爱,从此不再孤单。

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