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The Tang Dynasty (618-907) was the most glistening and prosperous historic period in China's history. When asked in which dynasty they would want to live, most modern Chinese said the Tang Dynasty. In this glorious period, the economy, politics, culture and military strength reached an unparalleled level. During the rule of Empress Wu Zetian (624-705), women enjoyed more freedom and the society was more open than before.

According to historic statistics, during the 289 years of the rule of the Tang empress and emperors, 582 ambassadors from 71 countries visited, and more than 3,000 foreigners served as officials of the imperial government.

In other countries, Chinatown (Tang Ren Jie in Chinese pinyin) refers to the area in a city where there are many Chinese stores and restaurants, and which is a social center for the Chinese community in the city.

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