CCTV Host Accumulates 'Wealth' in Her Life


Women of China (English) - - FACES IN THE CROWD 人物| - ZHANG YUAN Photos Supplied by ZHU XUN张媛供图:朱迅

Many Chinese viewers have been impressed by the beautiful appearance and lively manner of Zhu Xun, a CCTV (China Central Television) host. Zhu, who was born in Beijing, is of Suzhou (a city in East China's Jiangsu Province) origin. She looks gentle and sweet, like southern Chinese girls; yet, she is daring and unyielding by nature, like northerners. Zhu has left deep and shining "footprints" behind her. During the past three decades, she has accumulated rich experiences as she has developed her career and taken care of her relatives. She considers her experiences to be a source of "wealth" in her life.


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