The Tower Suites Bar sends you on two very spe­cial—and very bub­bly—voy­ages.

If life were but a dream, each day would bring a new sparkling wine or Cham­pagne to taste. And what is Wynn Las Ve­gas, af­ter all, but a place to make dreams re­al­ity? Thus, the Tower Suites Bar now of­fers guests an op­por­tu­nity to sam­ple the bou­quet of bub­blies on its wine-by-the-glass list, in con­ve­nient—and de­lec­ta­ble—flights. De­signed by Wynn Di­rec­tor of Wine Mark Thomas, the two flight op­tions each con­sist of three 3-ounce pours, with both of­fer­ing sam­ples of the Per­rier-jouët Brut NV and Ruinart Brut Rosé NV. The choice, then, es­sen­tially comes down to the Sparkling Wine Flight’s Scharf­fen­berger Brut NV ver­sus the Cham­pagne Flight’s Dom Perignon Brut 2003. ”The rea­son I did it that way,” ex­plains Thomas, “is that the Sparkling Wine Flight is a com­par­a­tive tast­ing, to sam­ple a re­ally well-made Méth­ode Cham­p­enoise Cal­i­for­nia sparkling wine (from Men­do­cino) against a tra­di­tional Cham­pagne, plus a rosé. The Cham­pagne Flight, on the other hand, al­lows guests to taste two dif­fer­ent Cham­pagnes: a Brut non-vintage, and the Dom Perignon 2003, along­side a rosé.” Part of the joy of any wine flight comes from de­tect­ing fla­vors both con­sis­tent and var­ied through­out the se­lec­tions. The Ruinart rosé, for ex­am­ple, dis­plays rasp­berry notes that re­side above the tra­di­tional fla­vors you get in Cham­pagne, such as the taste of Granny Smith ap­ple that arises from the wine’s acid­ity and the yeast fla­vor born of the wine­mak­ing process. The Scharf­fen­berger ex­hibits notes of brioche, le­mon twist, and green ap­ple, while the Per­rier Jouët, a dry style, is more full-bod­ied, with notes of bread dough, banana, and a bit of cooked fruit. And with a decade’s worth of age on it, the Dom Perignon 2003 is the most full­bod­ied style of­fered here, with a for­ward nose of le­mon, vanilla, and a touch of cedar, as well as notes of poached green ap­ple and pear. You don’t need to mem­o­rize this, of course, as your server will hap­pily walk you through the fla­vor pro­files. But one thing is cer­tain: Ei­ther flight will be a trip to re­mem­ber. n

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