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A Study on Youth Volunteers' Pathway toward Social Entrepreneurship in China

Xin Hua & Zhai Yan / 5 The Pathway for Project Oriented Reforms of Communist Youth League:A Study on Beijing Communist Youth League Nan Fang / 14 A Study on the Effects of Features of University Student Entrepreneurial Team Feature on Entrepreneurial Results Chen Jian,Yang Meng & Yang Lichao / 22 Youth Volunteers: A Emerging New Social Group

Tan Jianguang / 29 Social Advocacy and Social Integration: A Study on the Social Function of the Youth Philanthropy Organization Xing Yuzhou & Zhang Chao / 36 From Organizations to Social Networks: The Transformations and Adjustments of the Mobilization Function of the Chinese Communist Youth League

Tan Yi / 42 Modernization and the Rising of Youth Class

Xie Changkui/ 51 Does Migration Reduce Children's Educational Opportunities: An Empirical Analysis based on CFPS

Jiang Hechao / 59 Study on Agent Embeddedness and Urban Identity of the New Generation of Migrant Workers

Ding Bairen/ 68 The Short-Duration Work Pattern of Young Migrant Workers: Interpretations based on the Individual Reasons of Young Migrants

Gu Yuliang / 77 Incomplete Family: A Study on the Family Relationship of Urban Youth Infertility Family

Chen Yuanyuan/ 87 An Analysis of the Taiwan Youths' Political Psychology from the Perspective of the Post-materialist Theory Wang Bo / 96 Determinants of Fertility Intentions among Young Adults in Japan

Tabuchi Rokuro;Lei Yanzhen & Zhu Anxin(Trans )Wang Xuyang(Reword) / 103

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