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"New Workers' Art Troupe": New Workers' Cultural Practice Yang Yujing / 5 "Chick Flicks" and Young Female Audience Ding Kewen / 13 "Anti fan": An Analysis of Alternative Fan Culture in the Internet Era Chen Chen / 20 Reforms of and Innovations in the Communist Youth League from the Perspective of Political Organization's Adaptability

Hu Xianzhong / 30 Social Supports and Empowerment Mechanisms of Adolescents during Community Correction

Zheng Yongjun / 36 A Study on the Cultivation of Teenagers' Values by the Communist Youth League using New Media

Wang Yongtao / 45 Transformation, Problems and Prospects of the in-situ Urbanization of the Rural Youths: An Investigation into the D District in the Pearl River Delta

Liao Genshen / 51 Family Socioeconomic Status, Migration Characteristics and Educational Opportunity of Migrant Children

Xu Qinghong,Zhang Xiaoqian & Lyu Zhaohe / 57 A Study on Social Organizations' Influence the Civilization of New Generation of Migrants

Mo Xiaoxiao & Ming Liang / 65 Risk Governance and Juvenile Justice Mode for the Issue of the Campus Violence

Tan Kun / 72 The Effect of Historical Nihilism to Youth Political Socialization and Possible Counteractions

Wang Xiaorong/ 80 Individual Adjustments and Social Policy Supporting: A Study on the Second Birth of Fertility at Women’s Advanced Age and the Work-Family Balance

Fang Ying / 87 A Study on the Basic Features and Differences in the Development View of Contemporary Youths in Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macao

Deng Zhipin & Zhao Daojing / 98 Housing Arrangement of Contemporary Japanese Young People and Lessons for China

Nie Chen & Fang Wei / 105

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