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◎Metaphor of Nationwide Online Live Show: An Attempt of Youths to Reconstruct Community from

Postmodern Perspective

Dai Simin,Qu◎Tianyao◎&◎Du Zicheng / 5 ◎Cyber Fantasy Novels and the Reconstruction of the Contemporary Young Generation's Ethics on 'Struggle'

Jiang Yue◎&◎Zhou Min /◎16

◎'Weeds Culture': A Background of the Self-behavior of the New Generation

Wang Wenjie / 24

◎A Study on the Mindset that Affects the Development of Communist Youth League

Wu Qing / 30 ◎How Does Job Burnout Affect Turnover Intention: An Empirical Analysis of Youth Volunteer Organizations

Zhang Yuting,Li Yong & Zhang Jihui◎/◎38 ◎A Review of the New Generation Migrant Workers form Eight Perspective

Xie Jianshe & Fan Yinzhi◎/◎46

◎Publicity Dissolution in Rural Society and its Explanation to Youth Divorce

Lu Fei / 58 ◎The Occupations Choice of Chinese Creative Class: The Influence from Work Unit and the Elder

Generation Wang Rongxin / 66 ◎A Study on Financing Predicament of Youth Social Entrepreneurship and Countermeasures

Wang Zhong,Wang Shuangshuang & Li Jiao◎/◎76 ◎Youths' Unstable Employment Before the Reform And Opening in Example of Casual Workers

Zhao Qingwei / 83

◎The Research on Rural youth's Electrical Commerce Venture in the Internet plus era

Feng Ming / 90

◎A Study on the National Identity of Hong Kong Youths

Chen Zhangxi,Lin Jie & Yang Xiaoqun◎/◎96 ◎An Empirical Study on AIDS Knowledge, Attitude and Behaviors among Chinese and American College


Ye Fenmei,Wu Yaqiong & Zhao Qun◎/◎103

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