La Flo­ri­da Cen­tro Co­mer­cial

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Con 52 mil mts2, más de 600 par­quea­de­ros y 89 lo­ca­les, La Flo­ri­da Cen­tro Co­mer­cial es uno de los es­pa­cios co­mer­cia­les más dis­tin­gui­dos y re­co­no­ci­dos. Mar­cas na­cio­na­les e in­ter­na­cio­na­les como McDo­nal’s, Cre­pes & Waf­fles, Sub­way, Ar­tu­ro Ca­lle, Stu­dio F, Gef y Spee­do, han es­co­gi­do ha­cer par­te de es­ta pro­pues­ta co­mer­cial que por años ha lo­gra­do des­ta­car­se en­tre sus com­pe­ti­do­res, por con­tar con am­plios pa­si­llos de fino di­se­ño, una enor­me ofer­ta de mar­cas y la ca­li­dad de todos sus ser­vi­cios. Un su­per­mer­ca­do, seis sa­las de ci­ne, una pla­zo­le­ta de co­mi­das que se re­no­va­rá en 2015 pa­ra brin­dar va­rie­dad de am­bien­tes, en­ti­da­des fi­nan­cie­ras y un cen­tro em­pre­sa­rial que cuen­ta con 34 ofi­ci­nas com­ple­tan el pa­que­te de pro­duc­tos y ser­vi­cios que La Flo­ri­da ha pre­pa­ra­do pa­ra sus 25 mil vi­si­tan­tes dia­rios. Ubi­ca­do cer­ca al co­le­gio Nue­vo Cam­brid­ge y el Club Cam­pes­tre, La Flo­ri­da Cen­tro Co­mer­cial es el si­tio pa­ra com­prar y dis­fru­tar. With 52.000 m2, mo­re than 600 par­king spots and 89 sto­res, La Flo­ri­da Com­mer­cial Cen­ter is one of the most dis­tin­guis­hed and re­cog­ni­zed com­mer­cial spa­ces. Na­tio­nal and In­ter­na­tio­nal brands such as McDo­nalds, Cre­pes & Waf­fles, Sub­way, Ar­tu­ro Ca­lle, Stu­dio F, GEF, and Spee­do, ha­ve cho­sen to be a part of this com­mer­cial pro­po­sal that for years has re­mai­ned in the fo­re­front of its com­pe­ti­tors by ha­ving spa­cious hall­ways of high qua­lity de­sign, a lar­ge se­lec­tion of brands, and the su­perio­rity of all its ser­vi­ces. A su­per­mar­ket, six mo­vie thea­tres, a food court that will be re­no­va­ted by 2015 to bring a va­riety of en­vi­ron­ments, fi­nan­ce en­ti­ties, and a bu­si­ness cen­ter that con­tains 34 of­fi­ces com­ple­te the pac­ka­ge of pro­ducts and ser­vi­ces that La Flo­ri­da has pre­pa­red for its 25,000 daily vi­si­tors. Lo­ca­ted nearby the New Cam­brid­ge School, and the Country Club, La Flo­ri­da Com­mer­cial Cen­ter is the pla­ce for shop­ping and good ti­mes.

La Flo­ri­da Cen­tro Co­mer­cial (7) 6849090 Flo­ri­da­blan­ca www.laf­lo­ri­

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