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The bo­ok Cuba Vi­va (pu­blis­hed by Oce­an Sur and Oce­an, with a pro­lo­gue in ver­ses by Sil­vio Rodríguez Do­mín­guez and epi­lo­gue in tenths by Alexis Díaz Pi­mi­en­ta) is the at­tempt to cap­tu­re in snaps­hots the soul of my country; the per­so­nal Cuba, which ac­com­pa­ni­es me whe­re­ver I go; That which is ma­de and com­po­sed of fa­mily and fri­ends (li­ve whe­re they li­ve), stran­gers unk­nown smells and tas­tes that are ne­ver the sa­me, vir­tu­es and de­fects, flesh and blo­od he­ro­es with whom I iden­tify or he­ro­es built of dre­ams as re­al as ima­gi­nary ; of po­li­tics when it has be­en exer­ci­sed in fa­vor of fre­e­dom and his­tory; of songs and ver­ses; of the earth, the suf­fe­ring and the strug­gles that ha­ve not yet en­ded. Of my re­vo­lu­ti­on, the one that starts in­si­de and is sha­red outwards; of the cre­eds and, abo­ve all, of the lo­ves.

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