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(Las Tu­nas, 10 de ju­lio de 1950)

Iris Leyva Acosta (Las Tu­nas, 1950). Gra­du­a­da de la Es­cu­e­la Na­ci­o­nal de Ar­tes Plás­ti­cas (1985) y Li­cen­ci­a­tu­ra en Edu­ca­ci­ón Plás­ti­ca (1993). Ha re­ci­bi­do cur­sos co­mo el su­pe­ri­or de Filosofía y Li­te­ra­tu­ra, y «Los se­cre­tos de la res­tau­ra­ci­ón». Cre­a­do­ra mul­ti­pre­mi­a­da, ha re­a­li­za­do ca­si una trein­te­na de ex­po­si­ci­o­nes per­so­na­les y par­ti­ci­pa­do en más de 50 co­lec­ti­vas en im­por­tan­tes ga­le­rí­as de Cuba, Mé­xi­co, Ve­ne­zu­e­la, Chi­na, Es­paña, Mé­xi­co, Cos­ta Ri­ca, Sui­za, Co­lom­bia, Ale­ma­nia, Fran­cia, Co­rea, Emi­ra­tos Ára­bes Uni­dos, Ita­lia, Ar­gen­ti­na y Por­tu­gal. Ha fun­gi­do co­mo ju­ra­do de di­fe­ren­tes even­tos y des­ar­ro­lló una des­ta­ca­da la­bor do­cen­te du­ran­te más de dos dé­ca­das. Co­mo artista ha in­cur­si­o­na­do con éxi­to en el mun­do de la ilus­tra­ci­ón de li­bros y en el de las obras apli­ca­das, co­mo los vi­tra­les. La mayo­ría de sus pi­e­zas for­man par­te de co­lec­ci­o­nes pri­va­das ubi­ca­das en la gran par­te de los pa­í­ses men­ci­o­na­dos, a los que se su­man Es­ta­dos Uni­dos, Re­pú­bli­ca Do­mi­ni­ca­na e In­gla­ter­ra.

Iris Leyva Acosta (Las Tu­nas, 1950). Gra­du­a­ted from the Na­ti­o­nal Sc­ho­ol of Plas­tic Arts (1985) and as holds a de­gree in Plas­tic Edu­ca­ti­on (1993). She has re­cei­ved cour­ses such as the Su­pe­ri­or of Phi­lo­sophy and Li­te­ra­tu­re, and The Se­crets of Res­to­ra­ti­on. A mul­ti­award-win­ning cre­a­tor, she has per­for­med al­most thirty per­so­nal ex­hi­bi­ti­ons and par­ti­ci­pa­ted in mo­re than 50 collec­ti­ves in im­por­tant ga­lle­ri­es in Cuba, Me­xi­co, Ve­ne­zu­e­la, Chi­na, Spain, Me­xi­co, Cos­ta Ri­ca, Swit­zer­land, Co­lom­bia, Ger­many, Fran­ce, Ko­rea, Uni­ted Arab Emi­ra­tes Uni­ted Sta­tes, Italy, Ar­gen­ti­na and Por­tu­gal. She has ser­ved as a jury of dif­fe­rent events and de­ve­lo­ped an outs­tan­ding te­ac­hing work for mo­re than two de­ca­des. As an ar­tist she has suc­cess­fully ven­tu­red in­to the world of bo­ok illus­tra­ti­on and ap­pli­ed works such as stai­ned glass. Most of her pi­e­ces are part of pri­va­te collec­ti­ons lo­ca­ted in most of the coun­tri­es men­ti­o­ned, to which the Uni­ted Sta­tes, the Do­mi­ni­can Re­pu­blic and En­gland are ad­ded.

Nun­ca más sin es­pe­ran­za, 2016, 100 cm x 95 cm.

Nup­ci­as de pri­ma­ve­ra, 2016, 61 cm x 50 cm.

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