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Cu­ban ac­tor, cha­rac­te­ri­zed by his joy, cha­ris­ma and ver­sa­ti­lity, ce­le­bra­tes his 80 ye­ars to­get­her with the ma­ga­zi­ne Arte por Ex­ce­len­ci­as. We thank him the ti­me de­di­ca­ted to his daily work as an ani­ma­tor, con­duc­tor, pro­clai­mer and di­rec­tor in ra­dio, te­le­vi­si­on, the­a­ter and ca­ba­ret.

The Na­ti­o­nal Te­le­vi­si­on Award 2009 of the Cu­ban Ra­dio and Te­le­vi­si­on Ins­ti­tu­te (ICRT) and the Li­fe Award of the Ar­tis­tic Agency of Per­for­ming Arts of 2014, to which it be­longs sin­ce its ori­gins, Alden Knight is

con­si­de­red an icon of the Cu­ban cul­tu­re. He is re­cog­ni­zed in­ter­na­ti­o­nal for the dra­ma­ti­za­ti­on of the work of the Cu­ban Na­ti­o­nal Po­et, Ni­co­las Gui­llen, always in du­et with the de­ce­a­sed and ad­mi­red Cu­ban ac­tress Asen­neh Ro­dri­guez.

For mo­re than thirty ye­ars and up to day, Alden takes part in one of the most po­pu­lar pro­grams on the Cu­ban ra­dio: Ha­blan­do de Cuba, bro­ad­cas­ted by ra­dio sta­ti­on Ra­dio Tai­no. Du­ring half an hour of talk, he ap­pro­ac­hes the his­tory, the ge­o­graphy, the cus­toms of the Cu­bans and their po­pu­lar sayings.

Born the 15th of Au­gust of 1936 in a small town of Ca­ma­güey City ca­lled Mar­ti, Alden, at the age of 10, be­gins his ac­ting ca­re­er like ama­teur. From the­re, he be­gan to act in soup ope­ras, ani­ma­ti­on pro­grams and all kin­dof me­dia.

In the de­ca­de of the 80, he was dis­tin­guis­hed by its ac­ti­on in se­ve­ral so­ap ope­ras of the Cu­ban te­le­vi­si­on and in not few Cu­ban films. He cur­rently con­ducts mu­si­cal shows in night­clubs in Ha­va­na.

He has be­en awar­ded the me­dals Ale­jo Car­pen­ti­er and Ni­co­las Gui­llen, and ot­her im­por­tant re­cog­ni­ti­ons of Cu­ban cul­tu­re. /

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