Arte por Excelencias - - Venezuela -

It must be the ap­pre­hen­si­ve, the catchy of Cu­ban cul­tu­re, which makes that one finds tra­ce of it anyw­he­re in the world whe­re it to­ok pla­ce.

The Te­re­sa Carreño, mo­nu­men­tal the­a­ter of Caracas, has the­se tra­ces. On the walls of Bo­he­mi­an cof­fee La Pa­ta­na, for exam­ple, the pic­tu­res of per­so­na­li­ti­es of the is­land pre­do­mi­na­te. And in the ro­om Jo­se Fé­lix Ri­bas can still be he­ard the ru­mor of the Cu­ban key that marked the tem­po of the ins­tru­men­tal con­cert Cuba in Ve­ne­zu­e­la. In

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